Oxygen1- Lightweight Reversible Harness

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Oxygen1 lightweight reversible harness  oxygen1_3

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The Oxygen1 Harness was designed with comfort in mind. Comfort while flying, and also while hiking. At just 1.3kg, it is light for a harness and bag combination, but features  generously padded leg and back support, full adjustments, and a comfortably sized storage compartment that will fit a standard wing.

Instead of having all of the leg straps permanently sewn to save a few grams, which can result in a nightmare on launch if you are trying to get into it with crampons or boots on, we have chosen light weight aluminum plate buckles with colour coordinated leg straps for easy and safe identification. The padding on the back and inside the legs makes the Oxygen1 the lightweight harness that you can fly comfortably for hours. After all, if the wing is soarable, the harness should be as well!

The Oxygen1 is great for dune soaring, ground handling and for keeping your weight to a minimum if you are planning on hiking.

This harness is also great with our little wings like the XT16 and Firefly2 and allows the versatility of swapping between your fabric toys. 😉

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