Where can I Fly?

What is the weather doing now and what is it likely to be doing tomorrow?

screenshotThe RASP Tables give as much soaring related weather as most can handle, sometimes more ๐Ÿ™‚









screenshotThe BOM Radar gives realtime observations and can be useful for early warning of changes coming your way.












Paragliding Earthscreenshot is a sweet database of nearly all the known paragliding sites on the planet and gives a visual display of which sites near you are flyable now and local weather conditions.






XContestscreenshot is one of the worldwide and national online contests and great to see what others have done with their day and to help plan your next adventure. You can glean where thermals have been found and the routes that have got people the furthest.





SeaBreezeย offers good UI for coastal sites around the country and can be colour coded to suit paragliding- avoid ‘brown shorts’ weather!SeaBreeze