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Soldier On; Empowering, Inspiring and Enhancing.


I’m proud to be representing Soldier On this season at each of the National Paragliding Competitions.

SoldierOn have become a/the leading organisation that actually provides help and assistance to Australian Veterans effected by their service to the nation and not just ‘raise awareness’.

Soldier On works to help Australia’s wounded in three ways, by enhancing, inspiring and empowering them on their road to recovery.

SoldierOn has opened reintegration centres and soldier recovery centres, supports wounded in participating in adventure activities and education and other rehabilitation and has corporate partners that assist in reintegration to the civilian community to lead enriching and worthwhile lives.

Check out their Facebook page and website if you would like to learn more…

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Australian Competitions open for registration

The first paragliding competition, the Canungra Cup, kicks off on 27 September 2014.

The event runs for a week and culminates with a presentation dinner and prizegiving on 4 October.

This competition is a ripper, with all transport each day to launch and a full retrieve service included at the early bird price of $370 if paid by August31 it represents great value.

Registration can be done at

See you there!

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Mantra M6

The Bright Open has been a blast this week and the Mantra M6 has achieved great results for the pilots flying them. With a very ‘ozone’ feel to the wing it has predictable and precise handling and a wide speed range.

The stall point is very deep and so is the spin point… You can get quite aggressive on the tightest thermals or finnesse more gentle climbs comfortably. Collapses are manageable and rectified quickly and more importantly preventable with the cues the wing provides and changes of AoA with the speed system and C-risers.

All in all a really fun wing and a high performance ‘classic D’

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The new lightweight pod harness is ready to order. There is about a 40 day wait at the moment. A$1200 delivered