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Women with Wings

We were proud to sponsor Women With Wings again this year. Conducted in Bright, Victoria the clinic was held to cater to skills development for women who paraglide and hang glide.

Participants of all levels of skill and experience had a great time. logo design S1

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Tuesday Tip – Chrigel, how do you core thermals, any tips?

Chrigel being interviewed at the end of the 2013 Red Bull X-Alps

Tuesday Tip – Chrigel, how do you core thermals, any tips?.

This week’s Tuesday Tip is from Chrigel Maurer, winner of the 2013 Red Bull X-Alps, and is from an interview featured in the current issue of Cross Country Magazine

Chrigel, how do you core thermals, any tips?
I generally always fly at speed when on an XC or competition flight until I’m climbing again in lift.

I begin my turn in a thermal when the lift is constant and I feel I’m climbing as efficiently as possible.

I then adjust my turn radius with asymmetric circles until I’ve found the core. Then I tighten my turns.

Thermals are alive, so you have to constantly readjust your turns to climb as efficiently as possible.

If other pilots are flying close by then I observe them to see if there’s any better lift or if there’s sink I should be avoiding.

We really enjoy the ‘Tuesday Tips’ from Cross Country Magazine.

If you don’t already subscribe you can get it in both hard and digital format.


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Ozone Paragliders > News > Chrigel Wins X-Alps For 3rd Time, in Record Time

Ozone Paragliders > News > Chrigel Wins X-Alps For 3rd Time, in Record Time.


Chrigel Maurer has just completed a legendary performance at the 2013 X-Alps race, finishing in a record 7 days, which is all the more impressive considering that the 2013 course was the longest ever set. Chrigel’s lead grew steadily each day until he was almost 300km ahead of his nearest competitor by the end of the race. His recorded flight line and the resulting tracklog provide an impressive lesson on Alpine flying, with daring crossings through technical terrain and certainly near the maximum possible XC flights for each segment on that day. We are very happy to have been able to support Chrigel for his record-breaking win, and we continue to watch with bated breath as the rest of the pilots make their way through the course. 6 Ozone pilots are in the top 7 spots, and at the time of this writing they are all within 60km of each other! It has been an exciting race with tremendous amounts of impressive flying by all involved.

Continue to follow their progress at

We wish Chrigel our most sincere congratulations and look forward to welcoming more pilots in goal at Monaco – this news will be updated in the coming days as they arrive.