Paragliding, Speedflying, BASE jumping, Skydiving and other adventure sports are dangerous.

Equipment sold or recommended, as well as other information on this site, does not constitute safety equipment, instruction or safety advice. Only a registered training organisation can offer tuition. In Australia ‘Speedflying’ is recognised as ‘Paragliding’ and pilots are required by federal law to hold a paragliding licence and current membership to the HGFA. A list of training organisations are available through their website and we are happy to make recommendations on request.

If you are an experienced Skydiver or BASE jumper you will feel very comfortable flying these wings and, like us, you might be able to do a condensed Paragliding course with some schools. Having an increased knowledge of terrain and weather and how they mix is not taught sufficiently in any skydiving course to bring you straight across to flying fast, over bone hungry rocks, in remote areas, read this forum and watch some video to expand your knowledge. Skydiving does not teach ‘active flying’ skills and collapse recovery techniques required to fly paragliders. Speedflying equipment generally does not have a reserve or safety parachute or the height to use it.

The purchaser  buys and uses any products from FlyOzoneAustralia at their own risk and with full acceptance of the inherent risks and their own legal responsibilities. Products advertised and used on this website offer the user NO protection against injury or death, in fact, the activities promoted on this website are extreme sports that regularly cause injury and are sometimes fatal. Equipment that has a manufacturing defect will be repaired or replaced. Once goods are ordered and paid for the sale is binding and may not be cancelled.

Have fun out there, but remember… you called us, we didn’t call you!